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We make your budget-friendly printed and deliver at your doorstep. We give you a wide range of options for printing material and gives you finished goods with any post-processing you want. With the new era of technology you can make any complex design with 3d printing, so feel free to contact us for any advice or quotation.

  • Turn your idea into reality.

    1 hr 30 min

    100 Indian rupees
  • Turn your idea into reality.

    1 hr

    600 Indian rupees
  • Its include Product_Design Drafting Rendering Prototyping & Analysis.

    1 hr

    variable charges
  • Fix your 3d printer

    8 hr

    variable charges
  • Learn 3d printing

    2 hr

 We Also Do

Prototyping  // Cad Solution  // Rendering

 // 3d modleing // Much more...

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