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Staigain PETG Filament For 3d Printer

PETG Filament


Polyethylene terephthalate Glycol is known as PETG. Due to its distinctive chemical structure property, it is a high-strength clear thermoplastic 3D material with exceptional chemical and thermal resistance.
Because of its superior impact resistance compared to PLA 3D Filament and lower warping or shrinking than ABS, it is the favored option of all manufacturers and 3D printing service providers. It is extensively utilized to create engineering components, mechanical components, printer functional components, general goods, and parts for robotics. Similar to PLA Filament, it is incredibly simple to print. That is the reason it is so well-liked among both novice and experienced creators.


•    PETG Nozzle Printing Temperature: 200°C -230°C / 392°F-446°F
•    PETG Heated bed Temperature: 80°C-90°C / 176°F – 194°F
•    Print Speed: 30-50mm/s
•    PETG Density: 1.23 g/cm3
•    Recommended Bed Surface: Polyimide Tape or Glass
•    The temperature range may vary based on printers and color variations.

The Net weight of the Filament spool is 1kg and the gross weight of the filament spool with the box is 1.3kg(approximately).

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