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Phrozen sonic Mini 8k

Phrozen sonic Mini 8k resin 3D printer


Highest resolution availableSonic Mini 8K outperforms all consumer gadgets with its 22 m (1152 ppi) Ultra-High Resolution. It works fantastically for printing really detailed miniatures, bust sculpts, and more!
The "Linear Projection LED Module" improves light homogeneity to produce beautiful and precise models. The Sonic Mini 8K finally reveals all those hidden nuances that would otherwise be missed on a low-resolution printer.
It lessens the phenomena of the Z-axis "nodding" while printing thanks to ultra-stable dual linear rails. So you can now print extremely stable, high-quality models.                                                                       Models can firmly adhere to the construction plate thanks to the frosted laser-cut building plate. Straight out of the box, it merely delivers incredibly detailed prints.
7.1" Mono LCD Screen; 18 cm Z-axis; larger printing area. On the Sonic Mini 8K, you can print wider or more miniatures at once.

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