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Staigain TPU Filament For 3D Printer

TPU Filament


The most popular and in-demand material for 3D printing is TPU, which makes it a great option for clients who desire and can use our products. Shore hardness 95A TPU resin is used to make the filaments for TPU 3D printers. Thermoplastic polyurethane, or TPU. It is a polyolefin-based thermoplastic substance that has exceptional impact strength and outstanding flexibility, durability, chemical, and water resistance, and is comparable to rubber in appearance. More than three times its original size may be stretched thanks to its outstanding flexibility. That is the main reason TPU is so well-liked by manufacturers of flexible 3D printed parts and goods in the custom gift sector, engineering industry, and other related industries.


•    TPU Nozzle Printing Temperature: 200°C -230°C / 392°F-446°F
•    TPU Heated bed Temperature: 80°C-90°C / 176°F – 194°F
•    Print Speed: Moderate
•    TPU Density: 1.21 g/cm3
•    Recommended Bed Surface: Polyimide Tape or Glass
•    The temperature range may vary based on printers and color variations.

The Net weight of the Filament spool is 1kg and the gross weight of the filament spool with the box is 1.3kg(approximately).

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