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HALOT-MAGE Resin 3D Printer  , Go Big and 8K with Miniature .

  • Think Big with 10.3’’ LCD

HALOT-MAGE features a large LCD screen for a 228x128x230mm build volume, about 45% larger than an 8.9″ printer.
Now, more can be done at will to amplify the joy. Just work magic in a bigger way.

  • Compactest in Its Class

32% more size-efficient, HALOT-MAGE is the compactest among the mid-size resin printers with a similar build volume. Leaving more room to do other cool stuff.

  • 8K Magic for Exciting Details

HALOT-MAGE adopts an 8K mono LCD, which brags 33,177,600 pixels and 29.7μm XY resolution, a huge leap from the 50μm of regular 4K.
Hair, fabric, skin textures, and organic shapes all come to life. Every print is a sight to behold.

  • Create an Envy of DIY Collection

Start to print your own figurines, miniatures, or cosplay props. It is a rituality and pride
that can not be replaced by buying from others.


  • Wow, “MageArch” Flip Lid

The flip lid of HALOT-MAGE is easy to open and close with one hand and needless to place aside. It is only 1/4 taller when opened, saving more room.

The orange tint is practical to block 99.89% of ambient UV light for minimal interference.

Rigid lines with subtle chamfering, strike stylish, simple, and sleek.

  • Air Purifier Really Saves the Day

Powered and controlled via the printer directly, it includes a replaceable activated carbon filter that is 5.8 times larger than others. It absorbs irritant resin odor more efficiently.

A vent hole is at its back to connect a vent tube.

*The carbon filter lasts about 3 months after each replacement.

  • Ultra Steady Z-axis with Dual Linear Rails

The Z-axis of HALOT-MAGE features dual rigid linear rails and is driven up and down by a powerful motor. It reduces wobbling vastly and deals well with larger, heavier prints.

  • Wider Choice, Better Slicing

The self-developed HALOT BOX adopts an intuitive 4-stage workflow and includes many presets. HALOT-MAGE is also compatible with other slicer software.

  • Glass LCD Protector, Rest Assured

The LCD screen is covered by tempered glass with a tight sealing. It holds well against impacts, scratches, and resin leaks.

  • Creality 8K High Precision Resin Option

High quality with low shrinkage and viscosity. The water-washable formula produces less odor or skin irritation. Offering bright and stunning colors.

HALOT-MAGE Resin 3D Printer  Prints better with itech resins

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