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Flexible Removable Magnetic Build Surface Heated Bed Cover for 3D Printer 225x22


Magnetic sticker double side bed tape 220x220mm square build plate tape surface flex plate for 3D printer machine. Make careful to clean the hot-bed platform's surface before sticking the b surface; else, air bubbles will be easily produced while being used. Specifications: The product is divided into two sides of the A.B board A side: High-temperature print layer. B side: Low-temperature adhesive layer. Separate bending to take the model. It is more convenient. Installable on glass platforms and hotbeds. Printing does not warp. No glue is needed. Can be printed on a cold bed. The A plate is flexible and magnetic, easy to move away from the build platform, taking away the print model. PC material is flame-retardant and wear resistant. Oxidation resistance, low mold shrinkage, and good dimensional stability. Note: The hot bed's temperature shouldn't rise above 60 degrees in order to successfully achieve a nice, non-warped state. Prior to printing, please maintain a distance of 0.05mm or less between the platform leveling nozzle and the platform; one sheet of paper is the ideal thickness. Please remove the model quickly after printing. The platform adsorption of the model will be greater if the cooling period is too long. Do not let the hot nozzle immediately contact the A plate. The magnetic poles are directed when the two stickers are attracted because of the magnetic pole factor. If the suction is unstable, please rotate side A by 60 degrees. Installation technique: When the two stickers are attracted, the magnetic poles are directional because of the magnetic pole factor. Rotate side A by 60 degrees if the suction is unsteady. After determining the strongest and most appropriate magnetic position, rip up the B-side adhesive, connect it directly to the platform, flatten it as much as possible, and then evenly adsorb the A-side printing layer onto the B surface.

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