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V-Laser module 24V 1.6W

CV-Laser module 24V 1.6W


Fine and Fixed Focus: The fixed focus laser module's light spot is smaller than that of variable focus laser modules.
The special handy focusing unit can fix the focus quickly and precisely and offer the greatest performance.  lengthy service life; sustained use for more than 10,000 hours.

Upgrade New Safety Cover, Full Protection: To prevent laser harm to eyes and skin, upgrade a new safety cover that satisfies FDA Class 4 safety level standards.

Fast Heat Dissipation: The laser attachment can work for extended periods of time thanks to its large aluminium heatsinks, cooling DC fan, and additional heat dissipation holes.Purify smoke and dust efficiently: The medium of the built-in air filter is efficient at absorbing smoke and odours produced by burning. Lower indoor air pollution while protecting human health.

 Secure and shrewd
 Convenient Focusing and Easy Installation
 Effectively Remove Dust and Smoke, Protect Human Health
 Long Service Life Fine Spot
 Strong Scalability, Machine Compatibility with a Variety
 Suitable Models "Ender-3 S1" and "Ender-3 S1 Pro"

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