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Creality CR laser Falcon 10W

Creality CR laser Falcon 10W


Health Protection - Fan with washable cotton filter effectively absorbs the smoke and dust, protecting users' respiratory system and ensuring the engraving quality with an avoidance of object blackening
The laser safety protective cover meets FDA Class l safety level and can filter 90 uv light, enabling users to have a check or sharejoy without wearing goggles.
Create in a Balanced Way - A built-in leveler prevents from losing, and it is set for measuring whether the machine is properly placed
Better Conditions for Creation Durable and Stable - Anodized aluminum alloys, L-shape silicone footpads and an 8 mm steel rail ensure precision and smooth movement
Quick Focusing - Time-Javing and easy to handle. The focusing system is comprised of a fixed-focus lens and a focusing facilitator. Slide down the facilitator for fast focusing and uplift it once the focusing is finished.
Always Spot-on - Preview function for quick and accurate engraving area location. Continuous blue light emissions from the laser head will indicate the engraving area. For batch engraving, use the auxiliary grid plate for the same working area confirmation.
Engraving B Cutting Master Remarkable improvements realized by the poly-lens spot compression laser technology.

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