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Bambu Lab A1 mini 3D Printer

Bambu Lab A1 Mini


Introducing the Bambu Lab A1 Mini, the perfect 3D printer for any desktop or small workspace. This compact and sleek printer is capable of printing a variety of designs with precise detail and accuracy. Fully automated, multi-color printing with AMS lite, bed-slinger with CoreXY speed, Bambu Lab A1 mini makes 3D printing easier and better for beginners.


Product Features

  • Full-auto Calibration.
  • 4-Color Printing with AMS lite.
  • Under 48 dB Low Noise in Silent Mode.
  • Full-metal Linear Rails and Bearings.
  • Full-metal linear rails and rigid frame, robust quality from day one to beyond.
  • Bed Slinger, with CoreXY Speed And Quality(High-Speed Precision)
  • 180*180*180 mm³ Build Volume
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